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Ambassador Daulet Batrashev had emphasized the new legislative provisions in the field of insuring supplementary performance for private organism`s of Kazakhstan.


This proposed reform bill, will allow the NGO`s to receive state grants and funds in order to buy the necessary equipment s, to educate and train their staff, and also to help them in professionalized their activities.


H.E. Kazakhstan Ambassador-Daulet Batrashev receives congratulation from IRICE President General Director-Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.



On 17 November 2014, in a working meeting, H.E. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Kazakhstan-Daulet Batrashev had presented, for the benefit of Romanian side, the reform projects in the field of NGO`s organization of Kazakhstan and outlined also the Message to the Nation of Kazakhstan of H.E. President of Kazakhstan-Nursultan Nazarbayev.

In his expose, Ambassador Daulet Batrashev had emphasized the new legislative provisions in the field of insuring supplementary performance for private organism`s of Kazakhstan.

This proposed reform bill, will allow the NGO`s to receive state grants and funds in order to buy the necessary equipment s, to educate and train their staff, and also to help them in professionalized their activities.

The reform will also provide better funding and a full independence in activity and will help NGO`s activities in being better focused and concentrated in offering better services to the communities.

Another major aspect, in the ambassador discourse, was outlining the major elements encapsulated in the message of Kazakhstan President-Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The message is carving the projects for further and continuous economic development, fostering the life standard and improving the administrative structures of Republic of Kazakhstan.

All the major ideas are being build upon the fundamental Kazakhstan 2050 Strategy of Kazakhstan development.

In his answer to the official presentation, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President Director-General of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation, had voiced his gratitude on behalf of Romanian side for the information’s presented by the Kazakhstan ambassador.

This presentation from Kazakh side is coming as a perfect response from Romanian side desire to be better informed about the continuous development of our country main political and economic partner from Central Asia region.

For Romanian people, the message of Kazakhstan President, regarding the continuous development of his country is a good news, as Kazakhstan is the main and most serious foreign investor in our country economy, had appreciated Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

President Nazarbayev had succeeded by carving out the Kazakhstan 2050 Strategy, a strategy that is offering to Romania and Europe a perfect model for economic development, a universal valid model, to avoid economic crisis, to build a modern and powerful state.

This Strategy is validated, as Kazakhstan is today viewed as one of the most developed country, as it is shown yearly by the figures from human development index and world economic freedom index.

In the framework of a rapidly evolving economy, that is offering huge satisfactions for the citizens of wealthy and powerful Kazakhstan, the NGO`S reform project is an important part in this project of a powerful Kazakhstan of tomorrow.

Fallowing this line of reforms, Kazakhstan, which is already a fully flagged and stable democracy, will succeed in developing and a civil society to match the impressive development of the country.

The reform is providing supplementary funding for NGO`S, offering opportunities for personal and institutional development and improving the sphere of activity for all NGO`s bodies, in such a manner that they can fulfill their role in providing quality services for Kazakhstani citizens.

Today Kazakhstan is enjoying a system that is open and full of liberty and the reform on NGO`s field will allow Kazakhstan to obtain high quality services from the area of civil society.

Kazakhstan will rip the benefits, fallowing these reforms, of a civil society, equally in quality to those of recognized liberal and open European societies, concluded his assessment Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

The Romanian part had express his gratitude to Ambassador Daulet Batrashev for this continuous consultation and information that is providing substance to the partnership between Romania and Kazakhstan.


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Astana- capital of Kazakhstan and host of World Expo 2017 will host the bulk of the celebration months in honour of ZIMBABWE- WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2014.

Zimbabwe is the first African country to receive the highest honour of European Council on Tourism and Trade, a prime class destination for luxury tourism and a favourite cultural destination on African continent.

Astana celebration will start after European Council on Tourism and Trade delegation will handover the WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2014 prize to authorities of Zimbabwe.



On May 3, 2014 the General Assembly of the European Council on Tourism and Trade, has taken under consideration the list of candidates for WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION for 2014.

On the debate for the WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION AWARD FOR 2014, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) presented a report titled: ZIMBABWE: THE PERFECT AFRICAN DESTINATION; A SEVEN-WONDER DESTINATION IN TOURISM AND CULTURAL POTENTIAL.

He proposed ZIMBABWE as the winner of WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2014 and as receiver of the FAVORITE CULTURAL DESTINATION distinction for 2014.

The report noted that the reasons for awarding WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2014 to ZIMBABWE were the following:

• The excellent organization of the 20th Session of the World Tourism Organization General Assembly from 24-30 August 2013. The world gathering brought together tourism experts from more than 120 countries.

• The successful organizing of this world event, inspite of huge logistic and economic challenges, proves without doubt, the capacity of Zimbabwe Government and the tourism industry’s capacity to organize world level events.

Following a magnificent vision and the organisation of a successful world tourism meeting, ZIMBABWE has unequivocally demonstrated that it is a safe, open and perfect tourism destination.

The support offered to the promotion of Community Based Tourism, which ensures the survival of sustainable tourism, with its with low ecological impact and preservation of natural biodiversity and protection of endangered species in Southern Africa. Community based ecotourism, promoted by Minister Walter Mzembi, is a perfect way of sharing revenue that supports rural communities’ prosperity through opportunities to market their foodstuffs and handicrafts to the world. The way in which eco-tourism has become the base for local economic development, providing benefits to communities, makes eco-friendly tourism the lesson that the REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE is offering to the world.

• Giving tourists access to outstanding and pristine nature and the opportunity to explore nature, to contribute to ecological preservation, and the opportunity to visit extraordinary places such as: the unique landscape of Victoria Falls; the National Parks such the Eastern Highlands in Manicaland; the Mana Pools in Mashonaland West; Exfoliated Hills from Matebeland; Chilojo Cliffs in Masvingo and the Matobo Hills near Bulawayo etc. All these regions and national parks, are a model of achieving ecological and green tourism that must be recognized throughout the world.

• The ongoing development and protection of cultural and historical shrines of the Republic of Zimbabwe, the transformation of Harare into a historical and spiritual centre, offering to the visitors a glimpse into rich culture and heritage of peoples of Zimbabwe.

• The preservation of outstanding historical and cultural heritage in the form of the former capital of the Shona Kingdom, the Great Zimbabwe in Masvingo, a fortified palatial complex from the 12th Century, offering a rare insight into one of the greatest pre-colonial civilizations of Africa, and a rare window into centuries old traditions.

• Today, Great Zimbabwe Monument also offers tourists an open air museum with a rare collection of historical and archaeological treasures that educate and enrich the world.

• The preservation of cultural and natural sites of world significance and value such as: Great Zimbabwe National Monument (added to UNESCO list in 1986), Khami Ruins National Monument (added to UNESCO list in 1986), Matobo Hills (added to UNESCO list in 2003), Mana Pools National Park, Sapi and Chewore Safari Areas (added to UNESCO list in 1984), Mosi-oa-Tunya / Victoria Falls and UNESCO candidate regions as: Ziwa National Monuments dating from the Stone Age period, make destination Zimbabwe to offer an incomparable contribution to the world legacy.

• The REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE is today a hot spot for adventure tourism, offering large areas suitable for this special kind of tourism, and the necessary infrastructure to welcome the adventure seeker, its safety and peace, makes the country, one of the world’s top adventure destinations.

• Keeping alive indigenous traditions, allows tourists and visitors to be part of the Zimbabwe people’s social fabric, which offers the possibility for an enriching cultural experience, are all achievements that make the REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE a first class destination.

After hearing the report, Senator Ionel Agrigoroaiei, from the Romanian Parliament and Director of European Parliamentary Committee in the European Council on Tourism and Trade expressed the views of all present at the gathering when he declared that the REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE is the deserving candidate, with a perfect record of promoting eco-friendly tourism, ecological and socially oriented tourism, and that only a unanimous vote in favor of the REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE, could express the unwavering European tourism and economic communities’ support for such a world model.

Mr. Victor Deleanu, ECTT rapporteur also presented a report titled “ZIMBABWE: A HOT SPOT OF ADVENTURE TOURISM” which praised the country for its safety record, infrastructure and hospitality industry’s achievements that make Zimbabwe an attractive destination in Africa.

Mr. Mihai Prundianu, Chairman of the Trade Mission of the ECTT, also highlighted the importance of the moment as the continent celebrated 50 years of African Unity, it is appropriate for Europe to express its commitment to, and appreciation for, Africa by crowning ZIMBABWE THE FAVORITE CULTURAL DESTINATION AND WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2014.

At the end of the debate, European Council on Tourism and Trade decided, unanimously, to award WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2014 TITLE TO REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE and to declare REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE THE FAVORITE CULTURAL DESTINATION in 2014.

The meeting was also presented with the Official Invitation, from the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality of the REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE, for a delegation of high ranking officials of the European Council on Tourism and Trade, to present the WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION AWARD in Harare, in person, to His Excellency President of REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE ROBERT GABRIEL MUGABE, the most outstanding personality in Africa today.

Awarding the highest world tourism prize of the European Council on Tourism and Trade; accepting the invitation for a working visit of high ranking members of European Council on Tourism and Trade to the REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE, are all momentous occasions and evidence of the admiration that all tourism experts have for the potential and future of tourism in REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE, concluded Professor Anton Caragea, President of the European Council on Tourism and Trade at the end of the meeting.






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Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, the main european supporter of Astana bid for World Expo 2017 explains the reasons for favoring Dubai and United Arab Emirates as host of World Expo 2020.

The article is an exhaustive and well documented analyses of the story of United Arab Emirates since the year of independence-1971 until today.

The title and subtitles are from the original article published by Romanian New Agency.


by European Academician Professor Dr. Anton Caragea


In 2013, United Arab Emirates celebrated in pomp, ceremony and joy the 42 anniversary of National Day.

Forty-two is in the life of men`s a time of reflection and decisions, in time of nations is barely a time of beginnings. United Arab Emirates are having a lot to appreciate and to be proud off in all this short span of time.

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan: the founding father of United Arab Emirates

In 1968, when the British empire was living his last hours in the region, the vision of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan was to create a state of equilibrium and a force of moderation in the Arabic Gulf area. Squeezed between the emerging power of Shah`s Iran and of Saudi Arabian Kingdom, the small Gulf states could only envisage a future of moderation and balancing in order to survive.

Today, this policy of moderation and equilibrium carved out by the funding father of UAE-Sheikh Zayed and continued by his successor Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed is reaching a peach of recognition and appreciation worldwide and also is receiving international plaudit`s as a pillar of security and development in the area.


In 1971, when the flag of United Arab Emirates reach out for the first time to the sky, the country inaugurated what will be a long tradition of moderating tension and avoiding confrontation, in an area where neither one or the other is lacking. United Arab Emirates inaugurated their presence on international stage by repulsing Iran attempts to take advantage of the British withdrawal and saving the region from an all-out conflict.

This policy of negotiation and appeasement re-surfaced during Iran-Iraq war, when United Arab Emirates wise and calibrated policies assured the continuing flow of oil by the straits of Hormuz and avoided regional escalation. The support for Kuwait independence in 1990 and the moderation policy in all the tensions of the areas had gained recognition for the country as a force of stability and continuity in foreign policy of the troubled region.

As UAE Foreign Minister stated to the United Nations, the driving force of UAE foreign commitment is build upon “the principles of peaceful coexistence, peaceful resolution of the international disputes and non-interference in the internal affairs of other states”.

These principles insured a high standing of United Arab Emirates in the world and also in the Arab region, during the so called Arab spring.

United Arab Emirates straightforward policy of rejecting internal interference, of supporting human rights and rejecting support for terrorism, had enshrined the name of United Arab Emirates in the heart of every Arab, as a country of stability and order.

A country that is building and not destroying, a country that is protecting and not killing hopes and peoples.

The lesson of United Arab Emirates, that knows how to moderate his force by obeying to the international norms is a golden lesson that makes today UAE a beacon of hope in a troubled region.


The Arab convulsions left in tatters a huge region, from North of Africa to the Middle east and millions of people refuges, displaced or victim of hunger in their own countries.

In a time of insecurity and predicament, the United Arab Emirates shared their influence and power to alleviate sufferance`s across the region.

Hundreds of millions of dollars where directed to the refugees camps in Jordan or Lebanon, in one camp alone 20.000 peoples are regularly protected and all their needs meet by the help of United Arab Emirates.

Lorries loaded with humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees

In the troubled hit Egypt, UAE had poured 4.9 USD billion to support economic recovery and to insure the road to economic stability as a precondition for political equilibrium.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, had clearly marked this generous help is conditioned by “a policy of peace, security, tolerance and love” that will insure stability in the country and the world.

The same helping hands can be seen across the Palestine territory, supporting the legitimate right of Palestinian state in 1967 borders and Al Quds al Sharif ( Jerusalem) as his capital.

From Pakistan and India to Nepal and Kenya, Morocco and Guinea, UAE is sponsoring projects of education, irrigation, poverty eradication and promoting equality of chances and development of rural communities in celebrated initiatives as: Dress One Million Needy Children, a project destined to provide clothing to one million poor children across the world.

By the size of his humanitarian projects sponsored across the world, related to the population and surface UAE ranks the second in the world in front of countries like United States, Japan or Italy etc.

The most recent disaster stricken country, Philippines, received on the spot 10 million’s dollars to help the authorities cope with the humanitarian crisis.

This long track record of assistance and donor capacities made Sheikh Khalifa to describe his country as “a state of giving, pace and security”.

Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan-UAE President wants to create a state of peace, security and generosity


The positive force of UAE is not only reaching far and wide, but is starting from the home build miracle.

In the last two decades United Arab Emirates had succeeded to build a promised land for more than 200 nationalities and developed his economy by a staggering 200 times, comparing with the independence year-1971.

This powerful economic development is shared also with the communities of expats and foreign workers, that contributed to this economic miracle , most recent a three year plan, envisage to spend 36 USD billion to improve health, educational and material conditions of working force in UAE.

All this having as a goal, to create a society that is “a paradise for citizens and foreigners alike, that are living in peace in a tolerant community and free from segregation and injustice.”

The economic development of UAE is not only building his capacity as a donor for humanitarian projects, but is also insuring his capacity to develop economic project`s around the world.

Solar powered plants are build today in Mauritania and Morocco, solar technologies are having a hub in the Masdar Institute of Technology and Masdar City and environmental projects are providing a life worth living for millions around the world.

All regional economies are benefiting from continuous economic miracle build by the emirates. This force of reaching and affecting the life`s of everyone gets a new confirmation in the crushing vote in supporting Dubai as host of World Expo 2020.

From Romania in Central Europe to United States in American continent and Arab and African countries, everyone has supported Dubai role as a hub for new technologies, tourism, and economic development and as center of the new Silk Road, connecting China-Europe and South America via Africa.

After being declared World Best Tourist Destination in 2008, now as a host of World Expo 2020 United Arab Emirates are having a new opportunity to create the future by connecting minds, as the logo of the new world exhibition is proclaiming.

Masdar City-an area of clean , solar energy.


What are the lessons of all this 42 years of this emotion full adventure, that we call United Arab Emirates?

Off course, economists, politicians and cultural experts will draw many conclusion for how to make a nation building, but I will settled for two major conclusion.

The force of UAE is projecting is the force of moderation , a powerful and rich country that is not using his influence in fostering conflicts and confrontation but in building nations, supporting humanitarian causes and promoting world unity and cooperation.

Second is the success of the model of inclusiveness.

UAE did not build walls of segregation`s and created an economic miracle for citizens and foreigners alike, a society constructed on solidarity will survive, one build on separation will succumb, this is the lesson that UAE is teaching the world.

Witnessing the 42 anniversary of UAE you might be in awe from the tall Burj Khalifa, or admire the economic productivity of Dubai World or to be inspired by the Dubai winning bid for World Expo 2020, but what I found most inspiring was the multitude of people, coming from all the corners of the world, wearing the T-shirts or signs of funding fathers of UAE in a sign of gratitude for the country that targets to be a paradise for all: United Arab Emirates.


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On 30th of November 2012, the ceremony of handing out the awards for diplomatic and international relations activity, hosted by the Balkans and Europe Magazine has taken place.



Professor dr. Anton Caragea receiving the PRIZE ON VOCATION FOR INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION.

The prizes are destined to render homage to the most important personalities of Romanian diplomatic life, personalities that had a long standing and positive influence in forging Romanian foreign policy and in supporting a better international image for our country.

Professor dr. Anton Caragea, Director of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation was hailed as the best romanian diplomat of this year, receiving the PRIZE ON VOCATION FOR INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION .

In the last period, the PRIZE ON VOCATION FOR INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION was bestowed upon such lofty personalities as: Macedonian President-Boris Trajkovski, Azerbaijan President: Ilham Aliyev and Greece Prime Minister, Constantinos Simitis etc.

In the official handing out ceremony, offering the response to the presentation made by Mr. Carol Roman, Director of Balkans and Europe Magazine, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea had taken the rostrum presenting the main highlights of his vision of Romanian foreign policy.

Professor dr. Anton Caragea had underlined the necessity that Romanian voice must be regarded as the voice of Europe, and when Bucharest is stating a foreign policy decision this must be also regarded as an European voice. Romania is a fundamental element of European construction, concluded professor Anton Caragea.



Professor dr. Anton Caragea on the rostrum for the acceptance speech.

Another basic principle of foreign policy must be the necessity for Romania to forge new partnership`s, a tradition that has proven useful for Romania in the past and must be revived.

The revival of this long standing tradition had transformed the foreign policy landscape of Romania as seen by the favorable examples of Romania`s relations with Kazakhstan and United Arab Emirates.

By strategic partnership with Kazakhstan, Romania was able to host in February 2010 the Preparatory Conference on OSCE reform and the theories presented in the Bucharest Conference had being transformed in key elements of the OSCE agenda of reform, debated in the High Level Astana Conference in December 2010.

In 2011, Romania hosted the most important international conference, after the one held in Washington, to mark the independence of Kazakhstan.

In 2012, Romania was the first European country to announce his support for Astana-Kazakhstan capital, as the host for EXPO 2017 international exhibition. Also in 2012, the two decades of successful diplomatic relations between Romania and Kazakhstan where celebrated with pomp and ceremony.

I must also emphasize on the hosting by Romania of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe and Asia, in November 2012, occasion for the Romanian elite to express his staunch support for the Kazakhstan President-Nursultan Nazarbayev, plan to forge an area of security and cooperation between Europe and Asia.

This are just a few moments of a bilateral relation that must be regarded as an example for the future of Romanian foreign policy, concluded his allocution professor A. Caragea.

Professor dr. Anton Caragea had also mentioned the results of his visits to United Arab Emirates, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan as elements of building new cooperation bridges.


Professor dr. Anton Caragea with Ambassador of UAE-Yacoub Yousef Al Hosani and Kazakhstan Charge d`affairs -Talgat Kaliyev.

Kazakhstan and United Arab Emirates are among the countries that have a rapid growing bilateral relation with Romania during professor Anton Caragea term in office.

Accompanied by thunderous applause of the assistance, professor dr.Anton Caragea had received the PRIZE ON VOCATION FOR INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION as a statement of appreciation for his lofty diplomatic activity.

On this occasion where also honored, for their role on bilateral relations development, the Ambassador of Peoples Republic of China Mrs. Huo Yuzhen , Ambassador of Bulgaria Mr. Aleksandar Filipov and Ambassador of United States to Romania etc.


The PRIZE ON VOCATION FOR INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION was previously received by: Macedonian President-Boris Trajkovski, Azerbaijan President: Ilham Aliyev and Greece Prime Minister, Constantinos Simitis.

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Address by Mr.TalgatKaliyev, Charge d’Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Romania at the National Day Reception

December 11, 2012, Bucharest




Distinguished guests,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Next week Kazakhstan will celebrate the 21st anniversary of its independence. Today Kazakhstan is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. The average income per capita is now more than $11 000. The country is a champion in terms of raising foreign investments– in 20 years of independence the volume of foreign investments to Kazakhstan amount to almost 150 bln. dollars. It is 70% of all investments into Central Asian region. The emerging market in Kazakhstan, which currently hold a 51st position in the annual World Economic Forum rating of competitiveness of national economies, presents comprehensive and promising opportunities for doing business by foreign investors. Kazakhstan also earned high marks in investors protection rating.

Security and stability in Europe and Eurasia is a cornerstone of Kazakhstan’s foreign policy. During its chairmanship at the Organization on Security and Cooperation in Europe Kazakhstan proposed a number of initiatives aimed to overcome the remnants of the Cold War, to decrease distrust and to strengthen economic cooperation as an integral part of overall security. In this context Kazakhstan has established a strategic partnership with Russian Federation, People’s Republic of China, the United States of America and the European Union. As you already know from the videoclip the capital of Kazakhstan, city of Astana won a bid to host an international exhibition EXPO-2017. This is another clear sign of recognition by the international community of Kazakhstan’s role in the world affairs.

It will be not an exaggeration to say that Kazakhstan-Romanian bilateral cooperation is now entering a new era. Our mutual trade volume exceeded $2,8 bln. Kazakhstan biggest investment abroad is here in Romania. Few months ago modernization of the Petromidia Refinery in Novodari owned by Kazakh national oil company KazMunaiGas was completed which place Romania in a rank of the leading fuel producer in the Eastern Europe.

It is also reflects intention of Kazakhstan to boost cooperation with Romania in energy sphere aimed to provide energy security of Europe. In today’s volatile world markets with unclear perspectives for the global economy a one billion euros investment by the National Company ‘KazMunaiGaz’ in Romania is a clear sign that we are sure in an economic sustainability of Romania.

A relationship between Kazakhstan and Romania are rightfully called as an example of bilateral cooperation based on principles of friendship, mutual respect and support.



H.E. Kazakhstan Charge d`affairs – Talgat Kaliyev with Professor dr. Anton Caragea

In conclusion I’d like to express sincere gratitude to the Presidency, Parliament and Government of Romania for the permanent support and commitment to further development of relations between two our countries. I also would like to deliver special thanks to Professor Anthon Caragea and Mr.Gruia Stoica, president of the Grampet Group and Chairman of Kazakhstan-Romania Business Council for their outstanding contribution into strengthening Kazakhstan-Romanian friendship and cooperation.

Thank you for attention and enjoy the evening.


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On 24 April 2012, in the luxurious surroundings of Palace of Geology, the Official Opening of the Exhibition ASTANA-CAPITAL OF THE FUTURE took place. The exhibition organized by Embassy of Republic of Kazakhstan in Romania and Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation is destined to express Romania’s support for Astana candidature to host EXPO 2017 International exhibition.

The opening ceremony was held in the presence of Members of Romanian Parliament and Romanian Government, members of Diplomatic Corp accredited to Romania and countless Romanian and foreign diplomat’s, academicians, personalities of culture and art etc.

Members of Romanian Parliament and Romanian Government, members of Diplomatic Corp accredited to Romania and countless Romanian and foreign diplomat’s, academicians, personalities of culture and art attend ASTANA-CAPITAL OF THE FUTURE EXHIBITION

In the opening speech, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, Director of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation (IRICE) had underlined that ASTANA-CAPITAL OF THE FUTURE Exhibition is destined to offer the official support of Parliament and Government of Romania to the bilateral strategic relationship between Romania and Kazakhstan and for the candidature of city of Astana for EXPO 2017.

″Astana must be the host of EXPO 2017 as it is the most dynamic city in the Asia region in term of economic development and is the symbol of geopolitical shift towards Asia as the main engine of economic growth and also because Astana is enjoying political support and economic investments of 20 billions euro for holding EXPO 2017 in the best circumstances. Electing Astana is the practical thing to do, is the common sense and the most successful choice″, concluded Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

Taking the floor, Deputy Viorel Palasca, President of Romania-Kazakhstan Friendship Parliamentary Group had conveyed Parliament support for Astana: ″ I assure you of all our support, a traditional one I must add, for Astana receiving a new and deserved international recognition as the host of International EXPO 2017 in a new, dynamic, modern capital that is combining in an outstanding manner the architectural values and the creator spirit of inhabitants of republic of Kazakhstan ″.

Finally, the Deputy V. Palasca had address his warmest congratulations and appreciations for the effort in impeccable hosting and organizing this event to H.E. Talgat Kaliyev- Kazakhstan Charge d`affairs and to Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, IRICE Director.

Deputy Ahmet Aledin, Vice-Chairman of Parliamentary Commission for Culture had express the general sense of unity among opposition and power alike in the Parliament in supporting the strategic relationship Romania-Kazakhstan.

Senator Trifon Belacurencu had express the Romanian Senate salute and support for the exhibition, testifying that the Romanian decision to support Astana as host of EXPO 2017 is just an episode in a long history of bilateral support and friendship.

Also he conveyed the Senate congratulation for peerless hosting and organizing this event to H.E. Talgat Kaliyev-Kazakhstan Charge d`affairs and to Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, IRICE Director.

The rest of the main dignitary’s present at the exhibition such as Sali Negiat- Secretary of State of Romanian Government, Professor Dr. Mircea Constantinescu, director of European Diplomacy Academy had underlined the staunch support for Kazakhstan –Romanian friendship and support for Astana as host of EXPO 2017.

A special moment was the speech of Mayor Nicolae Ontanu, in thunderous applause, announcing that Astana is having a street named after in the heart of Bucharest.

Equally warm was received the letter signed by President of Cultural Committee Mrs. Raluca Turcan expressing his pledge in supporting all Kazakhstan initiatives in Romania.

Finally emotion overwhelmed H.E. Charge d`affairs of Kazakhstan Talgat Kaliyev took the stand and express his appreciation for the showered praises and feelings of support express toward his country. This solidarity and the desire of building an improved connection is a guarantee that the present day perfect political bilateral relation and economic investments of Kazakhstan in Romania of more than 3 billion dollars are just the beginning.

In the end H.E. Talgat Kaliyev had presented a short movie about Astana preparations to host EXPO 2017 and stated that the EXPO 2017 in Astana will be a universally shared success.

The final moments of the ceremony where dedicated to a stroll along 20 huge photos of today’s Astana landmarks and then the guest had enjoyed a huge cake named in honour of Astana and patrimony champaign, made specially available for this event.

The Exhibition ASTANA-CAPITAL OF THE FUTURE was broadcasted by 6 Romanian televisions’ (TVR Cultural, TVR Info, TVR 1, National TV, N24 Plus and Travel Mix) and receives dozens of favourable reviews in the press supplementary emphasizing the strong impression left by Kazakhstan to Romanian public.

The Exhibition ASTANA-CAPITAL OF THE FUTURE, the most important cultural event hosted by Romania in 2012, remained opened between 23 and 27 of April 2012 receiving more than 18.000 visitors in this period of time, witnessing the powerful impression left by Astana to Romanian public.

Among the tens of diplomatic representatives present on the venue of the ASTANA CAPITAL OF THE FUTURE EXHIBITION we have selected a FEW but we say THANK YOU to ALL dear friends:


Ambassador of Brasil H.E. Raymundo Santos Rocha MAGNO.



Ambassador of Iraq- BEST AMBASSADOR FOR 2011 H.E.Mohammed Saeed AL-SHAKARCHI visits the ASTANA EXHIBITION.


Turkmenistan Ambassador Representative among Ministry of Culture delegation.


 Ambassadors of Iraq H.E.Mohammed Saeed AL-SHAKARCHI and Malaezia H.E. Mohd Fareed ZAKARIA.



Eight dignitaries of Romania had come to pledge support for Romania-Kazakhstan strategic relation.


H.E. Ambassador of Venezuela Mrs. Zulay Coromoto Prieto de Rodriguez


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In data de 24 aprilie 2012, in cadrul somptuos oferit de Palatul Muzeului de Geologie, a avut loc deschiderea oficiala a expozitiei de sprijin pentru candidatura orasului Astana la EXPO 2017: ASTANA-CAPITALA VIITORULUI .



Ceremonia de deschidere a beneficiat de prezenta membrilor Parlamentului si Guvernului Romaniei , de prezenta Corpului Diplomatic acreditat la Bucuresti si a nenumarati diplomati, academicieni si oameni de cultura.


Ceremonia de deschidere a EXPOZITIEI ASTANA-CAPITALA VIITORULUI beneficiat de prezenta membrilor Parlamentului si Guvernului Romaniei , de prezenta Corpului Diplomatic acreditat la Bucuresti si a nenumarati diplomati, academicieni si oameni de cultura.


In cuvantul sau de deschidere, prof.dr.Anton Caragea, Directorul Institutului de Relatii Internationale si Cooperare Economica, a subliniat ca Expozitia Astana-Capitala Viitorului este destinata a exprima sprijinul oficial al Parlamentului si Guvernului Romaniei pentru relatia strategica Romania-Kazahstan si pentru candidatura orasului Astana ca organizator al EXPO 2017.


Astana trebuie sa fie gazda EXPO 2017, deoarece este capitala din Asia Centrala ce cunoaste cea mai rapida crestere demografica si economica, este simbolul schimbarii geopolitice ce pune Asia in centrul dezvoltarii economice si politice mondiale si beneficiaza de vointa politica si de un buget de 20 de miliarde de euro pentru desfasurarea expozitiei in cele mai bune coditii.


Alegerea Astanei este alegerea practica, de bun simt si de succes a concluzionat prof.dr.Anton Caragea.



La randul sau deputatul Viorel Palasca, Presedintele Grupului Parlamentar de Prietenie Romania-Kazakhstan, a transmis sprijinul Parlamentului pentru alegerea Astanei: ″va asigur de tot sprijinul nostru, de altfel unul traditional, pentru ca orasul Astana sa capete o noua si meritata recunoastere internationala odata cu organizarea Expozitiei Internaţionale din 2017 intr-o capitala moderna, dinamica ce imbină intr-o manieră exceptionala valorile arhitectonice si mai ales prezinta spiritul creator si novator al locuitorilor Republicii Kazahstan″.


In final deputatul a adresat cele mai calde aprecieri pentru E.S Talgat Kaliyev, Insarcinatul cu Afaceri al Kazahstanului in Romania si pentru E.S. prof.dr.Anton Caragea, Director IRICE pentru organizarea impecabila a acestui important eveniment bilateral.



Deputatul Ahmet Aledin , Vice-Presedintele Comisiei Parlamentare pentru Cultura a exprimat sprijinul general de care Kazakhstanul si candidatura Astanei se bucura in Parlament. Puterea si opozitia laolalta fiind de acord asupra dezvoltarii relatiei strategice Romania-Kazahstan.



Senatorul Trifon Belacurencu a adresat cuvantul de salut al Senatului Romaniei apreciind ca: Decizia Romaniei de a sprijinii candidatura orasului Astana pentru EXPO2017 este doar un episod al acestei relatii de colaborare si prietenie.

Totodata si domnia sa a exprimat aprecierea inaltului for pentru eforturile desfasurate de Insarcinatul cu Afaceri al Kazahstanului-Talgat Kaliyev si prof.dr.Anton Caragea director IRICE in desfasurarea acestui extraordinar eveniment.


Ceilalti vorbitori au exprimat sprijinul hotarat in dezvoltarea relatiei bilaterale Romania-Kazahstan si in sprijinirea tuturor initiativelor bilaterale de dezvoltare a dialogului.



Pe aceasta linie sau inscris Sali Negiat-Secretar de stat al Guvernului Romaniei, prof.dr.Mircea Constantinescu-Director Academia Diplomatica Europeana si alti demnitari prezenti.

Un moment special a fost discursul primarului Nicoale Ontanu, ce a anuntat decizia oficiala de a numi o strada din Bucuresti cu numele Astana, decizie salutata cu spectaculoase aplauze de cei prezenti.


La fel de calduros a fost primita scrisoarea Presedintei Comisiei de Cultura Raluca Turcanu, anuntand decizia sa de-a contribui la dezvoltarea relatiei bilaterale Romania – Kazahstan


In final Excelenta Sa Dl. Talgat Kaliyev –Insarcinatul cu afaceri al Kazahstanului in Romania s-a exprimat, plin de autentica emotie, la vederea solidaritatii si respectului cu care Kazahstanul este privit in Romania de cele mai inalte autoritati, dar si de intreaga populatie.

Aceasta solidaritate si dorinta de a construi o relatie de succes sunt garantia ca intre cele doua tari dialogul se va dezvolta si relatia politica perfecta de astazi si investitiile de 3 miliarde de dolari ale Kazahstanului in Romania nu sunt decat un inceput.


Multumind pentru sprijinul acordat candidaturii Astanei la EXPO 2017, dl. Talgat Kaliyev a prezentat un film despre eforturile extraordinare depuse de Astana pentru a gazdui expozitia internationala in cele mai bune conditii, apreciind ca EXPO 2017 la Astana va fi un succes deosebit.


La finalul manifestarii oaspetii au putut sa admire nestingheriti 20 de tablouri uriase, reprezentand minunile arhitectonice ale capitalei Kazahstanului: Astana si sau putut delecta cu un urias tort botezat Astana in onoarea gazdei EXPO 2017 si cu sampanie rara de patrimoniu, adusa special pentru aceasta ocazie.


Expozitia a fost transmisa de 6 posturi de televiziune ( TVR Cultural, TVR Info, TVR 1, National TV, N24 Plus si Travel Mix ) si oglindita in zeci de articole de presa, marturie suplimentara a prestigiului extraordinar de care Kazahstanul se bucura in societatea romaneasca.


Expozitia ASTANA-CAPITALA VIITORULUI , cel mai important eveniment cultural din Romania anului 2012, a ramas deschisa intre 23 si 27 aprilie 2012 fiind vizitata de peste 18.000 de bucuresteni, marturie a viului interes nascut de capitala Kazahstanului.

Dintre zecile de reprezentanti diplomatici prezenti la ASTANA-CAPITALA VIITORULUI am selectat CATIVA , dar le multumim TUTUROR pentru prezenta:


Ambasadorul Braziliei Excelenta Sa Raymundo Santos Rocha MAGNO.



Reprezentantul Ambasadei Turkmenistanului inconjurat de delegatia Ministerului Culturii.


Ambasadorii Irak-ului E.S. Mohammed Saeed AL-SHAKARCHI si ai Malaeziei E.S. Mohd Fareed ZAKARIA.


Opt inalti demnitari ai Romaniei isi exprima sprijinul pentru relatia strategica Romania-Kazakhstan.


E.S. Ambasadoarea Venezuelei Zulay Coromoto Prieto de Rodriguez


Posted by Romanian Committee for Support of Astana on April 29, 2012 at 4:10 PM

Reprezentanti ai Corpului Diplomatic acreditat in Romania

Distinsi reprezentanti ai Parlamentului Romaniei si ai Guvernului Romaniei

Doamnelor si Domnilor

As dori sa incep prin a adresa un cuvant de multumire si apreciere pentru organizatorii Expoziţiei de Artă Fotografică ,,Astana-Capitala viitorului”.

Prin crearea acestei expozitii in capitala Romaniei Ambasada Republicii Kazahstan isi arata din nou disponibilitatea de a construi punti de legatura, de prietenie si de cunoastere intre tarile noastre iar Romania a stiut si stie sa raspunda acestei relatii strategice.

Decizia Romaniei de a sprijinii candidatura orasului Astana pentru EXPO2017 este doar un episod al acestei relatii de colaborare si prietenie.

As enumera pe scurt sprijinul acordat de Romania Presedintiei Kazahstanului la Organizatia pentru Securitate si Cooperare in Europa. In februarie 2010 Romania si Institutul de Relaţii Internaţionale şi Cooperare Economică au gazduit Conferinta Internationala Presedintia kazaha a OSCE fiind prima tara membra a OSCE ce a dat un semnal de sustinere a Kazahstanului ca presedinte al OSCE.

Romania a fost alaturi de Kazahstan si la Summit-ul OSCE de la Astana si apoi a apreciat rolul Kazahstanului la Presedintia Organizatiei Coferintei Islamice in plus intre cele doua tari este o lunga traditie demna de mentionat de a isi sustine reciproc candidaturile si toate initiativele in plan international si in organismele internationale.

Ca atare decizia Romaniei de a sprijini candidatura orasului Astana pentru EXPO 2017 a fost o decizie naturala, inscrisa in cadrul acordurilor reciproce si parte a lungii traditii de colaborare diplomatica intre cele doua tari.

As mai mentiona ca avem in Kazahstan un partener solid si nu doar in plan politic si diplomatic dar si economic , investitiile Rompetrol in economia romaneasca depasind 3 miliarde de euro si aratand ca intre cele doua tari este o relatie pe termen lung, privita cu seriozitate de ambele parti.

Sunt sigur ca toti cei care privesc aceasta expozitie: Astana-capitala viitorului vor intelege ca sprijinul romanesc pentru Astana ca gazda a EXPO 2017 nu se trage doar din traditia bunei colaborari, dar si dintr-o sincera admiratie fata de o capitala noua, construita de cei mai mari arhitecti ai mileniului ( britanicul Norman Foster si japonezul Kisho Kurokawa ) oras decorat de UNESCO ( Comisia Natiunilor unite pentru Cultura ) cu titlul de ORAS AL LUMII tocmai datorita ambitioaselor proiecte arhitecturale construite aici.

În final doresc să urez mult succes în misiunea de a apropia cele doua tari , Excelenţei Sale-domnul Talgat Kaliyev, însărcinatul cu afaceri al Kazahstanului în România şi să apreciez aportul domnului prof. univ. dr. Anton Caragea, directorul Institutului de Relaţii Internaţionale şi Cooperare Economică la realizarea acestei deosebite manifestări şi expoziţii si sa sper ca ne vokj revedea cat de curand cu totii in Astana la EXPO 2017.


Secretarul Comisiei pentru administraţie publică, organizarea teritoriului şi protecţia mediului

Senator Trifon Belacurencu



Posted by Romanian Committee for Support of Astana on April 29, 2012 at 4:10 PM

În primul rând aş dori să felicit organizatorii, Ambasada Republicii Kazahstan şi Institutul de Relaţii Internaţionale şi Cooperare Economică pentru excelenta iniţiativă de a organiza la Bucureşti Expoziţia de Artă Fotografică ,,Astana-Capitala viitorului” manifestare consacrată sprijinului României faţă de alegerea oraşului Astana pentru a găzdui Expoziţia Internaţională din 2017.

Aş dori să vă asigur de tot sprijinul nostru, de altfel unul tradiţional, pentru ca oraşul Astana să capete o nouă şi meritată recunoaştere internaţională odată cu organizarea Expoziţiei Internaţionale din 2017 într-o capitală modernă, dinamică ce îmbină într-o manieră excepţională valorile arhitectonice şi mai ales prezintă spiritul creator şi novator al locuitorilor republicii Kazahstan.

România reprezintă o adevarată poartă de intrare spre Uniunea Europeană a Kazahstanului, lucru dovedit de importantele investiţii kazahstaneze în sectorul energetic românesc, dar şi de susţinerea ambelor state pentru marile proiecte energetice europene cum ar fi conductele de tranzit petrol şi gaze naturale dinspre Bazinul Caspic spre ţările Uniunii Europene.

Vizitele reciproce ale oficialilor români şi kazahstanezi desfăşurate incusiv la cel mai înalt nivel, dar şi o economie de piaţă funcţională în ambele ţări, au făcut ca România şi Kazahstanul să reprezinte un model de cooperare politică şi economică între două popoare aflate la o distanţă apreciabilă în spaţiu, dar foarte apropiate în dorinţa lor de a-şi conjuga eforturile într-o bună colaborare în beneficiul popoarelor român şi kazahstanez.

În final doresc să urez mult succes în dezvoltarea pe mai departe a acestor relaţii, Excelenţei Sale-domnul Talgat Kaliyev, însărcinatul cu afaceri al Kazahstanului în România şi să apreciez aportul domnului prof. univ. dr. Anton Caragea, directorul Institutului de Relaţii Internaţionale şi Cooperare Economică la realizarea acestei deosebite manifestări şi expoziţii.

Preşedintele Grupului Parlamentar de Prietenie cu Republica Kazahstan

Deputat Viorel Palaşcă


ASTANA. A 21st Century Capital for Expo 2017 says Professor Mircea Constantinescu PhD

Posted by Romanian Committee for Support of Astana on April 29, 2012 at 4:05 PM

Prof. Mircea Constantinescu PhD

Director of the European Diplomatic Academy

ASTANA – A 21st Century Capital for Expo 2017


Astana is a magnificent city. It was designed and built to be magnificent, to be a modern, 21st century capital for the new Kazakhstan.

On December 16th 1991, President Nursultan Nazarbaev proclaimed the Law for the State Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Another moment of huge historical importance might be placed in December 1997, when the Kazakh Parliament approved a presidential decree that declared Akmola, henceforth to be renamed Astana, the country’s new capital.

The new capital conceived by President Nusultan Nazarbaiev in 1994 is situated in a location considered to be symbolic, and at the same time strategic. It is situated at the crossroads between Kazakhstan main oil provinces of the Caspian shore, main mining and heavy industry region, as well as traditional agricultural areas and manufacturing zones.

Someone described Astana as the place where all national interests meet and where all Kazakh social, ethic and economic communities would see their interests protected.

According to the national policies stipulated by President Nursultan Nazarbayev, approved by the Parliament and elaborated by the government, Astana’s goal is not to replace Almatya, Kazakhstan’s former capital, as the country’s principal business centre. Almatya will also develop, so the city will keep its status as the Kazakhstan’s economic capital.

There is a functional division between Astana and Almatya, transferring the administrative activities to the new city, while maintaining the rank as economic and financial capital. This was inspired by the success model implemented in other countries like Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Canada, Brasil or the United States.

The modern structure of Astana is the contribution of many local and famous architects from all over the world. There are a lot of cultural monuments and sophisticated architectural styles, a place where cultures across Eurasia meet. The result is a city that is a sight-seer’s dream, with a still energetic and rapidly growing pace. A city built from scratch over the past decades is now one of the most spectacular cities in the world.

Astana is the wonderful place where important international organizations and many leaders of the world meet formally or informally to conceive, confirm and develop projects of huge importance for Kazakhstan, for the Eurasia region, and for the entire world.

In 2010 Kazakhstan had the Chairmanship of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Romania, as a new step of the evolution of friendship and collaboration relationship between Romania and Kazakhstan, expressed its appreciation, trust and support for Kazakhstan in its new quality of chairmanship of O.S.C.E.

In June 2011, Kazakhstan assumed the prestigious presidency of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the largest intergovernmental, international, regional organization, representing 57 countries, totalling over 1.4 billion Muslim people.

This Organization strives for Islamic solidarity in economics, politics and social circumstances, as well as for resistance to colonialism, neo-colonialism and racism.

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has a major potential as international mediator, acting toward the prevention of internal conflicts or the conflicts between member nations. It is also acting for enforcing the trust between the member states as well as the cooperation in all areas of activity.

In this context, Kazakhstan plays a strategic role in the development of a multilateral cooperation with the Islamic countries, due to its statute as a secular state and being at the same time part of the world’s Muslim community (Ummah)

This year, Astana prepares to celebrate its 15th anniversary as the capital, and also to celebrate the acceptance that Astana will host Expo 2017, a national project dear to all the people of Kazakhstan. It will be a huge effort, a test for the country and its people.

Astana and the Expo 2017 will be an excellent opportunity for the participating nations for developing commercial relations with Kazakhstan and other countries, to improve their bilateral and multilateral relations, economic, political and cultural.

At the same time it will be wonderful opportunity for the millions of people visiting Astana and Expo 2017 to get in touch with the beauty of the new Kazakhstan’s capital, but most important, with the Kazakh people, proud members of the world community.

We are also expressing European Diplomatic Academy support for Astana`s bid for Expo 2017.

We wish Kazakhstan, Kazakh people good luck and success in their efforts of hosting in Astana the Expo 2017.

And see you 2017.